528 Player – Music With Love Like a Pro v32.5 (Paid)

528 Player - Music With Love Like a Pro v32.5 (Paid)
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Unlock Lifetime Pro Features and Play Your Music in 528hz

528 Player - Music With Love Like a Pro v32.5 (Paid)

Download 528 Player Pro - Lossless 432hz Audio Music Player MOD APK

​The 528 Music Player:

Play your music while pitching the frequency of your music in real time to the 528hz frequency.

The 528 Player will pitch shift your music in real time to 528hz (if the song is in 440hz it will be pitched to the 444hz frequency) when the sign “Pitch to 528hz” is visible to the right of the song name.
So you don’t need to press anything, the player automatically converts all of your songs(only temporary) to 528hz by default.

The 528hz frequency is referred as the tune of LOVE – just a clear sound with a different and positive experience 🙂

​Some of the 528 Player Features:

-20,000 + Live Radio Stations from all over the world which can be pitch shifted to 432hz and 528hz in realtime!
-Album Art Auto Search
-​ID3 tags Editing/Displaying
​-Custom Playlists Creation, Integrate with other music players.
​-Choose songs or complete folders to play
-​444hz/440hz per track listening option
-​Advanced filtering and search options
-​Bluetooth Support
-Customization of design by the user
-Full Custom Themes coming up soon..
-​and much more..

​​Additional Pro Features:

-Ad Free
-432hz / 528hz Switch
-Music Equalizer
-Orientation Change (Landscape/Portrait)

More info and related links:

The app will pitch shift music that’s tuned to A = 440hz into A = 444hz, which is the equivalent of C = 528hz and it will not work on music tuned to other A note references.

Please contact us before voting in case of a problem , complain or a question 🙂
[email protected]


-Fixed Albums and Artists lists jumping back to top once in a while
-Added more audio formats support for Metadata (ID3) editing of songs
-Added Currently Playing track image in 432 Radio (if supported by station)
-Fixed Auto Saving of last player state and song
-Improved some UI elements
121.0 total
5 84.0
4 10.0
3 8.0
2 4.0
1 12.0

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