60 Seconds! Reatomized v1.0.0 (Last Update) + Obb

60 Seconds! Reatomized v1.0.0 (Last Update) + Obb
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The post-apocalyptic dark comedy is back - remastered and even more radioactive!

60 Seconds! Reatomized v1.0.0 (Last Update) + Obb

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60 Seconds! Reatomized – a mobile version of the much-loved adventure arcade game on the theme of the nuclear apocalypse. The player will control one of the four family members who need to go down to the bunker to wait out the atomic explosion and its consequences. Before the strike, the characters will have sixty seconds to collect, and during this time you need to take with you all the necessary things, including food, first aid kit and other necessary means for survival. Next, the user will have to skillfully allocate resources and perform various tasks so that the heroes can survive.


Initial build
24.0 total
5 23.0
4 1.0
3 0.0
2 0.0
1 0.0

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