Adorable Home v1.13.1 (Mod – Money)

Adorable Home v1.13.1 (Mod - Money)
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❤️ Decorate your adorable home, gather love, and relax in this beautiful game ❤️

Adorable Home v1.13.1 (Mod - Money)

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Adorable Home – a simulator with nice graphics in which the player will help a young couple settle in a new place of residence. The plot of newlyweds move into their house with a small number of things along with a cute cat. To equip all the rooms, it is necessary to purchase furniture and household equipment, which requires special currency – love points. To get the cherished points can, doing housework, preparing dinner for the second half and playing with the cat. In the end, the young family will be able to arrange accommodation and have even more furry seals.


Through all of June, you'll be able to get 27 new furniture items from three sets made with love and paying homage to the history of Pride!

We've also added Pride Flag Items that'll stay available even after the event so anyone may always feel they can showcase their identity in their Adorable Home!

Adorable Home MOD APK Info:

1. Unlimited Currency/Hearts
*Increase when you spent
312.7K total
5 210.7K
4 46.4K
3 22.3K
2 10.5K
1 22.9K


  1. why does my adorable home doesn’t have bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and farm?? I only have lounge and garden :(((

  2. Hi, I’ve just download this game today. I got a problem here. Whenever i try to buy bento box or cat boxes, suddenly the game crashed. Can you help me?

      1. Do I also have to download the obb file? Please teach me how to properly install it. Thank you😊

  3. Thank You! When i instaöled it it didnt work on the First “opeining” of the game. But as the Mod says you habe to Enter the seven time (open one time, lose and open again) And you’ll get lots of hearts, not unlimited but a lit ^^

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