Age of Warring Empire v2.6.01 (Last update)

Age of Warring Empire v2.6.01 (Last update)
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Stunning battle ANIMATION & RPG never seen before!

Age of Warring Empire v2.6.01 (Last update)

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Age of Warring Empire – strategy RPG where the player will lead the Kingdom and make it the most powerful. Initially, there will be built a few buildings and collect needed resources. Correctly utilising the available opportunities, the user will be able to build a huge Empire. With the help of a huge army, the king will conquer the enemy’s territory and expand their holdings. So the army was always ready for combat, you will need to train its soldiers and to monitor their condition.


---What’s new---

1. Increase the month of more heroes:“Atalanta”.

2. New function: 7-star gem related functions.

3. New equipment: 9th anniversary medal.

4. New castle skin: I'm 9 years old!.

5. New title: 9th anniversary special title.

---Game optimization---

1.Fixed several known problems.
524.5K total
5 345.1K
4 79.1K
3 36.2K
2 14.4K
1 49.7K

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