Blocky Moto Racing – motorcycle rider v1.30 (Last Update)

Blocky Moto Racing - motorcycle rider v1.30 (Last Update)
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🏁 🏆 ★★★Ride motorcycle in endless Race, Demolition and City mode!★★★ 🏆 🏁

Blocky Moto Racing - motorcycle rider v1.30 (Last Update)

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Blocky Moto Racing 🏁 – motorcycle rider – interesting races with cubic graphics, where the player will control a motorbike. The user will be able to try himself in three modes: racing races, destruction and city driving mode. In the first, he will have to drive in a straight line, avoiding getting into accidents and trying to overcome as much distance as possible; in the destruction, the gamer must break the transport in a limited time, and in the trips through the city streets just enjoy the process. In any case, the user will have access to three models of bikes with a first-and third-person view.

– Survive as long and drive as fast as you can
– Try to get the highest score and achieve the best distance.
– Avoid cars and obstacles like police, fire brigade blockades or road repairs
– Enjoy endless race
– Get caught by speed trap camera for speeding and receive bonus points!

– smash as many cars as you can in 2 minutes!
– hit other cars to make them explode!

– freerun. Relax and enjoy ride in city full of streets, traffic and airport with planes!

– Third and unique first person camera view
– 3 types of motorbikes to choose from. Ride motocross, speeder or police motorbike
– GIF sharing. Send GIF of funny crashes to your friends!
– Realistic motor sounds
– Blocky styled buildings and vehicles
– Three game modes: endless Race, Demolition and freerun City
– Police motorcycle with siren and light effects
– Rich types of NPC traffic including cars, buses, trams and trucks
– Wheelie stunt and Handbrake feature
– Realistic motorbike physics
– Leaderboards and achievements

– The faster you ride, the better score you get
– Collect golden coins to get more score
– Wheelie unlocks after 2 km and handbrake after 5 kilometers
– To unlock Superbike or Police motorcycle – play the game for 60 or 120 minutes
– Purchase anything to unlock all motorcycles and remove ads
– In Demolition mode try to smash the side of the cars. This way you will not decrease much speed. Avoid direct hits.
– Slow down when you see the train. It’s hard to jump over the railway with high speed without a crash.
– If you want to test motorcycles or check their max speed, do it on Demolition or City mode. These are crashless modes.
– If you have internet connection you can recover from crash one time by watching short video.
– Publish your crash GIF to us to get promoted on our Facebook page! Share funny moments with your friends!

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- ramps and trampolines in city mode! achieve best air time!
- improvements
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