English Grammar & Phonetics v7.5.6 (Ad Free)

English Grammar & Phonetics v7.5.6 (Ad Free)
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Learn English Grammar and Phonetics. Topics with Audios, Exams and Exercises.

English Grammar & Phonetics v7.5.6 (Ad Free)

Download English Grammar & Phonetics MOD APK

Learn English Grammar and Phonetics. Tenses, Audios, Exams & Exercises.

TeacherApp – Written by Professors.
Grammar & Phonetics with Audios, Exercises, Downloads & Exams.

Download free Content and Audios. Study on your Mobile. Work on your PC/Mac. Print what you need.

English Exams
Grammar and Phonetics Exams.
Check your score and send a copy to your mail to focus your learning on your weak points.

English Phonetics
Vowels Audios | Consonants Audios | Diphthongs Audios | IPA Chart Symbols | Audios | Transcription | Phonemes | Intonation | Spelling Rules | Stress Patterns | Useful expressions.

English Tenses
Simple Present | Present continuous pro. | Present perfect | Present perfect cont. | Simple Past | Past continuous progressive | Past perfect | Past perfect cont. | Simple Future | Future progressive | Future going to | Future perfect simple | Future perfect pro.

English Conditionals
Zero conditional | First conditional | Second conditional | Third conditional.

English Verb To be
Present affirmative | Present negative | Present interrogative | Past simple affirmative | Past simple negative | Past simple interrogative.

English Pronouns
Personal | Objective | Possessive Adjectives | Possessive Pronouns | Reflexive | Demostrative | Indefinite | Relative | Reciprocal.

English Irregular verbs
Full list | Infinitive | Past simple | Past participle.

English Nouns
Types | Gender and number | Simple and compound | Functions.

English Articles
Definite | Indefinite.

English Connectors
Copulative | Disjunctive | Condicional | Concessive | Conclusive | Continuative | Adversative | Causative.

English Adverbs
Manner | Time | Place | Degree | Frequency | Grammar Rules | Use of the Adverbs.

English Adjectives
Qualifying | Demostratives | Quantitative | Interrogative | Possessive | Numerical | Grammar Rules.

Modal Verb
Can | Could | May/Might | Will/Shall | Should/Ought to | Must/Have to | Would.

British/American English
You can see the alternatives that there exist between these two classes to refer to one same thing, using different terms.

This App will allow you to work in an easier and more efficient way. You will be able to revise Grammar Rules and usage of Tenses in a clearer way through many examples which make comprehension easier. Irregular Verbs List available.

This App offers the required tools to write compositions, texts, sentences, essays, etc, using fluent vocabulary through sections like Pronouns, Connectors, Adjectives, Adverbs, Nouns and the translator.
Phonetics Chapter allows you to interpret and deduce the pronunciation of words in English through simple examples including audio.

Trip Guide offers a quick and easy comprehension option to communicate abroad.
TeacherApp is another help to develop your English skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking.


- Improve your Skills with Lessons and Activities.
- Learn offline with Exercises, Audios and Exams.
- Download +1000 Exercises for free.
- Bug fixes and improvements.
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