Faily Brakes 2 v4.19 (Mod – Free shopping)

Faily Brakes 2 v4.19 (Mod - Free shopping)
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Drive ahead in the death race! Win the demolition derby and be the champion!

Faily Brakes 2 v4.19 (Mod - Free shopping)

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Faily Brakes 2 – a fascinating racing game, with the hapless main character. This time the character is in the car, which fails the brake pedal, which she can’t stop. Therefore, the driver remains nothing how to rush forward on highways, tunnels through the junctions and other places. During the trip the car can receive a certain amount of damage without consequence for the speed. Also on the heels of the hero will go to the police, who want to bring him over for speeding.

Gameplay Features:

– Vast reimagined Faily World, where Phil and Anita can decide to take different turns, tunnels, caves, fields and more. Choose your own Faily adventure!

– Destructible vehicles – Cars are now able to take some damage without crashing completely. See the doors swing open and the bonnet of the car fly off!

– A huge range of car customizations – Upgrade your car’s performance, paint, wheels, antenna and even your license plate.

– Bigger ragdoll crashes – Crashing in the game is still just as much fun as playing!

– Police Car Chases – Evade the cops riding your tail for speeding!

– Race your ghost! Challenge your best run or a direct challenge from a friend!


Highscores are more rewarding

Faily Brakes 2 - Car Crashing Game MOD APK Info:

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