FPse for android v11.222 (Last Update)

FPse for android v11.222 (Last Update)
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FPse : The best and smoothest PSone Emulator available now!!

FPse for android v11.222 (Last Update)

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FPse for Android devices – the emulator of games from the Sony PlayStation console of the first generation for devices on the Android platform. With it, any gamer will be able to launch classic game projects with upgraded high-resolution graphics. For a comfortable gameplay, there are many features, including increased performance, excellent picture and sound quality. Also, players will be able to use gamepad emulations or connect external physical controllers via a Bluetooth connection.


FPse 11.222 Changes:
- Fixed random unresponsive gamepad issue with some games like:
Metal Slug X , Silent Bomber, and surely more
- Improved video timing, should improve experience
- Fixed Dynasty Warrior black screen
- Added 5xBRZ for OpenGL HD postprocessing Shader

to have an outstanding result, Enable OpenGL HD
And when game is running from video menu:
Enable FBO,Texture High Definition,Fix polygon shaking
and from advanced settings and video, set 5xBRZ shader
63.6K total
5 50.2K
4 6.8K
3 2.6K
2 1.2K
1 2.8K

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