Legends of Runeterra v02.09.017 (Free – Google Play)

Legends of Runeterra v02.09.017 (Free - Google Play)
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Master every moment in the League of Legends strategy card game.

Legends of Runeterra v02.09.017 (Free - Google Play)

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Legends of Runeterra – card strategy on the legendary universe of League of Legends. In it, the player offers an uncompromising battles with real opponents in turn-based mode using the character cards. During the confrontation, the user will have to apply the maximum potential available in the hands of the characters, as well as to adhere to particular tactics. Hero cards you can get, being successful in battles or by buying them with game currency from the shop. Duels will be held in single player mode, and in a team with friends.



Lab of Legends is getting another upgrade! New champions, powers, and rewards await!

Full Patch 2.9.0 notes at https://playruneterra.com/en-us/news.

This patch:
-Lab of Legends update
-Various bug fixes and improvements
486.7K total
5 388.9K
4 51.6K
3 14.1K
2 6.6K
1 25.5K

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