Luminous – Material Poweramp v3 Skin v5.8 (Paid)

Luminous - Material Poweramp v3 Skin v5.8 (Paid)
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The Material White Skin for Poweramp 3

Luminous - Material Poweramp v3 Skin v5.8 (Paid)

Download Luminous - Poweramp v3 Skin MOD APK

Luminous is a skin for Poweramp 3 with many customizable features included various material accent colors, alternative layout, album art styles and more. You can change almost anything to match your style.

Luminous – Material Poweramp v3 Skin Features

6 Player UI Layouts : Default, Alternative (Left Title), Alternative (Centered Title), [AA Blur] Default, [AA Blur] Alternative (LT), [AA Blur] Alternative (CT)
20 Material Accent Colors : Blue Grey, Grey, Black, Brown, Red, Pink, Purple, Deep Purple, Indigo, Blue, Light Blue, Cyan, Teal, Green, Light Green, Lime, Yellow, Amber, Orange, Deep Orange
3 Library Icon Sets : Default, Material, Unicons
8 Font Styles : Default, Thin, Light, Medium, Black, Condensed, Condensed Light, Condensed Medium
5 Player UI Album Art Styles : Square, Rounded, More Rounded, Circle, Full View
4 Library Album Art Styles : Square, Rounded, More Rounded, Circle
3 Seekbar Styles : Default, Static Seekbar, Divided Waveseek
7 Wave Seekbar Styles : Adaptive Rounded, Rounded, Rectangle (Thick), Rectangle (Thin), [White] Rounded, [White] Rectangle (Thick), [White] Rectangle (Thin)
3 Knob and Eq Styles : Colorful, Simple, Stroke
4 Eq Shape Styles : Default, Square, Rounded, Circle
6 Pro Buttons Styles : Pro Buttons (Default), Pro Buttons (Reverse Colors), Pro Buttons with Simple Seekbar , Pro Buttons with Simple Seekbar (Reverse Colors), Pro Buttons with Simple Seekbar (Modern), Pro Buttons with Simple Seekbar (No Circles)
Force Black Navigation Bar
Play Button (Reverse Colors)
Small Play Button
Small Play Button (Reverse Colors)
Hide Track Menu Button
Hide Rating
Adaptive Text Color
Capitalize (Experimental)
Transparent Navigation Bar
Transparent Background
More Coming Soon

• Play Button (Reverse Colors), Small Play Button, and Small Play Button (Reverse Colors) only work on default layouts
• For blur layouts, to avoid buttons or texts not visible/readable, you need to change Background Intensity (Poweramp > Settings > Background). Recommended: set to 80% or lower
• Depends on your device/Android OS, Font Style option might cause the issues (for example the skin resetting to default when opening Info/Tags), if you experience it, turn it to default

You must have Poweramp 3 installed to use this skin

If you have any problems or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email me
[email protected]


Luminous 5.8
• New Library Icon Shape Styles & Corners Radius
• Add more sizes for Library Icon Size
• Material and Unicons have been changed and improved
• Menu and dialog icons now follow Icon Sets
• Header Overlay, Alt Selected Track Color, and Selected Track Margins is enabled by default
• Improved Transparent Navigation
• New Skin Settings Icons
• UI Improvements

For some reason, I temporarily removed the default and outline icons. But it will be restored in the next version.
121.0 total
5 104.0
4 9.0
3 2.0
2 1.0
1 3.0

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