Smart Compass Pro v2.8 (Patched)

Smart Compass Pro v2.8 (Patched)
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Simple and useful compass app with camera view, GPS and map.

Smart Compass Pro v2.8 (Patched)

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Smart Compass Pro is the 3rd set of Smart Tools® collection.

This compass is a tool to search bearings using embedded magnetic sensors. It has 4 significant features below.

1. Although you may turn your phone into portrait or landscape mode, the heading is fixed.
2. Camera’s view is used for reality.
3. Metal Detector is included to verify magnetic sensor.
4. GPS and Google Maps are supported.

The compass app depends on the performance of your device exactly. If the compass works perfectly, it means that your sensors are perfect, too.
If it is inaccurate, please check that yours aren’t being affected by a magnetic field. This app have several options to calibrate your device.

* Compass modes:
– Standard
– Telescope
– Night
– Digital
– Google Maps
– Google Maps (satellite)
– Background image

Metal detector measures magnetic field using a magnetic sensor that is built into your device.
The magnetic field level (EMF) in nature is about 49μT(micro tesla) or 490mG(milli gauss); 1μT = 10mG. When any metal(steel, iron) is near, magnetic field level will increase.

* Pro version added features:
– No ads
– Sharing GPS location
– Qibla finder, Car locator
– Full metal detector

* Do you want more tools? Get [Smart Tools] package.

For more information, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

★ android.permission.INTERNET : Used by the API to download map tiles from Google Maps servers.

** The view-cover with a magnet on Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series can make the compass inaccurate. Take it off!!

** No internet support : You can open this app without any connection. After installation, open the app 2-3 times with your device connect to WI-FI or 3G/4G.


- v2.7.4 : Android OS 11 support
- v2.7.3 : Portrait <-> Landscape (metal detector)
5.9K total
5 4.3K
4 1.2K
3 229.0
2 79.0
1 199.0

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