Stay Alive v0.13.1 (Mod – Zombies do no damage)

Stay Alive v0.13.1 (Mod - Zombies do no damage)
4.1 | Action | no reviews | 3,600 Views

Kill zombies to survive

Stay Alive v0.13.1 (Mod - Zombies do no damage)

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Stay Alive – a classic action for the survival of the traditional story about a zombie Apocalypse. The game takes place in the world that have experienced infection with a virus that turned many people into the walking dead. As a survivor you must explore the area to find valuable resources, helpful supplies, tools and weapons. Often have to face the zombies and other survivors that may be even more dangerous mutants, so gamers should be careful and not too trusting.



Hotfix 0.13.1
We have installed a hotfix to address current major issues in the game.
If you still experience any of this issue, please, contact us via in-game support system in game settings or directly via email: [email protected] Your reports help us to detect the issue and find a solution. Thanks for your patience and support!

Stay Alive MOD APK Info:

Zombies do no damage.
22.5K total
5 13.4K
4 3.5K
3 2.2K
2 818.0
1 2.6K

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