Super City (Superhero Sim) v1.235 (Mod – Unlocked)

Super City (Superhero Sim) v1.235 (Mod - Unlocked)
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Create your own superhero and battle others in the ultimate shared universe!

Super City (Superhero Sim) v1.235 (Mod - Unlocked)

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Super City (Superhero Sim) – an original action game in which the player creates a superhero and will maintain order in the city of baddies. First, the user is free to choose a set of superpowers and the appearance of the character, superhero leotards and accessories. Then he will go to the streets of the city, where he faces numerous enemies. Using skills and special techniques necessary to stop them and show them who’s boss. The game has more than 150 characters, many locations and intense fights.


Look out for in-game hints, but the basic controls are as follows:
A = Attack (on its own to aim low, with a direction to aim high)
G = Grapple
A+G = Block
R = Run (double tap to jump or fly)
A+R = Big Attack
P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to throw)
R+P = Set fire
T = Taunt, use prop, release hold
S = Special power
* Tap the portrait to transform (once activated).
* Touch the clock (or bottom of the screen) to pause the game.
* Tap the speech bubbles to speed through conversations.
* Pinch the middle of the display to zoom in or out.

Super City depicts a fictitious universe. Any similarities to real characters past or present is purely coincidental.


- Wider display better suited to modern phones.
- Slightly faster frame rate recommended by default (150%).

Super City (Superhero Sim) MOD APK Info:

Unlock Full Version
30.2K total
5 19.9K
4 3.4K
3 2.0K
2 969.0
1 3.8K

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