Talking Translator App Premium v1.8.6 (Pro)

Talking Translator App Premium v1.8.6 (Pro)
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1-sec translation app made by a professor, supports more than 100 languages.

Talking Translator App Premium v1.8.6 (Pro)

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Talking Translator – Ultra-Simple Translation The last translation app you’ll ever need

For anyone, anywhere
With its instant translation feature, Talking Translator app will help you communicate in any multilingual environment such as travel, business trips, buyer’s meetings, or just plain conversations.

True communication begins with respect
Try Talking Translator app that suits both you and your partner with the innovative real-time “Shared View” feature. The other person is sure to appreciate your consideration while speaking with them.

#realtime #instant #translation in 1second!
Voice recognition first appears when running the app and helps you when you need an on-the-spot translation, even with an unstable internet connection. You can check your previous sentences through the voice recognition history.

Support for multiple languages
You can translate to more than 100 languages with this one app: Talking Translator!Don’t know how to read the sentence?No problem! Talking Translator offers a handwritten text translation.

Supports more than 100 languages including English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Spanish, French, Indonesian, and Arabic.

Interpretation, translation, copying, favorites… what more could you want?
We made various features available. Along with translation, interpretation, favorites, copying, and sharing, you can easily communicate with someone at a distance with ★zoom (neon sign) feature. ★

The ultimate feature of translation app – the notification bar is ready
All-in-one solutions for all your needs: translation, interpretation, keyboard, notification bar, news, search, and even a flashlight. Just swipe the notification bar to start translation and interpretation.


More remarkable updates 1.8.6 Talking Translator✨

We are having the greatest time, thanks to all your love💕
We have improved it so that a lot of people can use it steadily👍
The app has been perfectly renewed. Spread the word around you🤭

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