Transmute: Galaxy Battle v1.2.93 (Mod – free shopping)

Transmute: Galaxy Battle v1.2.93 (Mod - free shopping)
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Commanding the fighter to explore the universe in the shoot’em up game

Transmute: Galaxy Battle v1.2.93 (Mod - free shopping)

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Transmute: Galaxy Battle – a fantastic vertical scrolling shooter for Android. This game has a familiar gameplay with one new feature that greatly refreshing him. In the process of battle with the galactic enemies the player can be used to upgrade your spaceship on the fly and not in between missions. This allows to respond quickly to the flow of battle and change the situation in their favor. Otherwise, the shooter does not depart from the canons of the genre, offering a dynamic shooting with a cool visual.


– Players choose two fighters into battle, which will be immune from transformation.
– There are many enemies
– Many levels, many challenges are constantly updated.
– There are many types of unique design fighters. Players can customize, combine richly.
– The fighters are upgraded strongly
– There are many additional equipments that help the aircraft increase its combat capability.
– There are various missions and attractive rewards
– The maps are diverse
– Pictures and sounds are of high quality


– Touch the screen and move to avoid attacks of enemies.
– Click your finger to change the fighter to suit the battle situation. Immune features when transforming will help players overcome difficult pitfalls.
– Collect bullets and items to upgrade the craft.
– Use additional features in times of emergency or when facing dangerous enemies.
Please give us feedback to improve the game for a better experience. Thank you so much!


- Optimized for the game

Transmute: Galaxy Battle MOD APK Info:

Free in-app purchase
5.9K total
5 4.9K
4 423.0
3 206.0
2 68.0
1 305.0

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